Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair, Installation, & Maintenance Service

Commercial Stove & Oven Repair in Bellmore NY

Restaurant Cooking Equipment Repair, Installation, & Maintenance

Providing Commercial Stove & Oven Repair for Bellmore NY since 1992

Commercial Stove & Oven Installation
We are familiar with all of the top commercial cooking equipment brands. Good Deal Restaurant Equipment Inc. specializes in installing all of the leading brands of commercial stove, oven, & range oven equipment on Bellmore NY...
Commercial Stove & Oven Repair
We can keep your commercial oven, stove, or range oven in great working condition. Our trained & qualified technicians have been providing Commercial Stove & Oven Repair to Bellmore NY f or over 25 years....
Reliable 24/7 Emergency Service
If your Commercial Stove, Oven or Range oven needs repair, you can count on Good Deal's 24/7 Emergency Service that's available to through out Bellmore NY. We offer a FLAT RATE SERVICE program for and...
Commercial Stove & Oven Equipment
We specialize in commercial oven & stove repairs & services, as well as provide our Merrick NY customers with new or used restaurant equipment . We carry a range of brands from PITCO & Blodgett to STAR & GARLIN.

Your Trusted Merrick NY Commercial Stove & Oven Repair

Professional Commercial Cooking Equipment Repair, Maintenance & Installation Service
Trusted Commercial Stove & Oven Repair Service in Merrick NY since 1992

For over 25 years, Good Deal has been providing affordable, reliable commercial stove & oven repair to Bellmore NY. Our services help ensure your business is always up and running when you are! Knowing how vital your Commercial Stove & Oven is to your business, Good Deal Restaurant Equipment Inc. offers the best repair, maintenance & installation services you can find in Bellmore NY.

Our trained technicians are qualified in all aspects of Commercial Stove & Oven Repair and are when you need them anytime in Bellmore NY. We also offer 24/7 Emergency Services, Custom Fabrication, Onsite Welding, & effective Equipment Preventative Maintenance Plans that are budget friendly to our Bellmore NY customers.

25+ Years Experience with all the top brands.
Since 1992, we have been providing Commercial Stove & Oven Repair to many towns on Long Island including Bellmore NY. Good Deal Restaurant Equipment is now of the most trusted Commercial Stove & Oven Repair companies in Bellmore NY and our reputation continues to grow! Not only do we specialize in Commercial Stove & Oven Repair, but we are also experience with a variety of the top brands and always make sure your Bellmore NY restaurant equipment is repaired or installed right the first time!
24/7 Emergency Service & Repair - FLAT RATE
Good Deal Restaurant Equipment Inc. provides Commercial Stove & Oven 24/7 Emergency Equipment Repair Services for through out Bellmore NY. We always get your equipment up and running when you are! Our service calls are a flat rate fee $125+tax. This will allow you to know exactly what needs to be repaired and how much the repair costs are. If you do decide to have us fix or repair your Commercial Stove or Oven, the $125 fee will be waived and we'll get one of our Long Island technicians out to repair your equipment.

Commercial Stove & Oven Installation

Our trained technicians specialize in installing all of the leading brands of Commercial Stove, Oven & Range Oven Equipment found in Bellmore NY. If you are interested in our Commercial Cooking Equipment Installation services, please fill out an inquiry form or call our Long Island office at (516) 978-9301.


Long Island Restaurant Equipment Company, Good Deal, has over 25 years! To ensure our customers are getting the best service, we are not only licensed & insured, but always make sure the job is done right the first time.

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Bellmore NY Cooking Equipment Services

  • Commercial Stove & Oven Repair Bellmore NY

  • Commercial Stove, Oven, & Range Oven Installation

  • Commercial Stove & Oven Emergency Service

  • Commercial Stove & Oven Preventative Maintenance Plans


Get your Commercial Stove & Oven Repair done right the first time with our Bellmore NY trusted, specialists!

Commercial Kitchen Equipment & Restaurant Equipment Installation Services Bellmore NY

Reduce down-time, eliminate mistakes, and get your Bellmore NY equipment repaired or installed right the first time! It''s complicated to Repair or Install Commercial Cooking Equipment so always make sure you go with a qualified professional. Good Deal Restaurant Equipment takes care of your Commercial Stove & Oven Repair or Installation so you can focus on your Bellmore NY business. Our trained technicians are equipped to handle all of your commercial stove & oven repair or installation services anywhere in Bellmore NY! No what matter the issue, we are dedicated to maintaining efficiency and restoring productivity to your business!

Not sure if we service or install the brand of equipment in Bellmore NY? Give us a call!
We are experienced with all of the top brands and have over 25 years of knowledge & experience!
(516) 978-9301.

Maximize your restaurant equipment life and keep it running efficiently

Never lose a day of business! Knowing your equipment can breakdown at any time, Good Deal Restaurant Equipment Inc. offers 24/7 Emergency Service for Long Island, Nassau County, & Suffolk County.


Always get the best prices on long island restaurant equipment & supplies with Good Deal. We always aim to keep your overhead costs down and only offer you the equipment specific to your industry needs.

Give us a call today at (516) 978-9301 for help with your commercial restaurant equipment installation or if you need emergency service & repair. Good Deal Restaurant Equipment Inc. is fully staffed and ready to service any area in Bellmore NY & all over Long Island.


Through professional services, dependability is our priority. We ensure a seamless process to remove unwanted restaurant equipment in a timely and affordable fashion—Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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